Would I Buy a MacBook Air?

I have become a Mac user through and through. Jenn owns a MacBook she loves it, I own a MacBook and a Mac Mini and love them. I love the new Leopard which I got for Christmas. It just seems like Apple is on a roll with there Mac lineup. When Apple announced there latest thin notebook the MacBook Air I sat there are really scratched my head. This wasn't one of those sit and scratch for a minute, I am talking at least ten minutes. I remember thinking of going through the positives and negatives. Here they are

MacBook Air


- Super stylish/sexy

- Light, thin, and according to Apple great Battery Life

- Beautiful Large Display

- iPhone Like Gestures on Touch Pad


- Looks like it might break easily

- No on board CD-RW/DVD Drive

- Not great system specs.

- Price $300 overpriced.

To me when I sit back and look at those Pro's and Con's I didn't have these problems with the MacBook or Mac Mini. There is something about that MacBook Air that attracts me to it but at the same time says wait for something else. If money was no object I would love to try the Air with the solid state drive. It will be interesting to see how places start benchmarking that drive. You got to hand it to Apple though, even if I am not necessarily sold on the product, the commercial for the Air is fantastic.

At the end of the day, I would say I am going to be on the waiting end, whether money is or isn't an object.