Heath Ledger Dead at 28

You know it was a sad day yesterday with the passing of Heath Ledger. I usually don't caught up in celebrity news, but with Ledger being extremely young, and involved in a handful of movies I have enjoyed it comes as a shock to hear of his passing. I was talking with Jenn and you just hope that it was an accidental overdose and not a suicide. I know many including even myself at times are betting that it was an overdose, but the optimist side of me said just wait and see. I have to say after hearing of his passing I looked at a movie website that had a timeline of the movies he starred in and I found that I owned three of them one of which is Jenn's and those are Ten Things I Hate about You (Jenn's), A Knights Tale, and The Patriot. He was very talented, and I still look forward to what I hear is some of his best work in the latest Batman movie.

You know it are times like these that truly make me not envy anyone in Hollywood to the slightest extent. From what I can see it is not what its cracked up to be.

May our prayers be with his family, and lets just hope the autopsy comes back as an accidental sort of situation.