I Miss My TV Shows.. Where are they???

Would they just stop striking already? Have you heard there is a possibility with the writers strike there might not even be new shows for next fall? What is the problem here, are we so stubborn that we can't get a deal made? I for one am so sick of reality shows and game shows. I miss my Monday night Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman routine. It seems like years since I have watched a new episode of The Office. Where is Jim and Pam? Friday Night Lights is running low on episodes, and the only show that I am even interested in tuning into right now is Sarah Conner Chronicles which I watched the first episode and enjoyed it quite a bit but its no Heroes, or Office. Heck I would even take some new episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

As many of you know I run a slew of online TV blogs for some of the shows listed above and there nearly abandoned without any content or any shows to write about there is very limited to update people on. At least Jericho is making a return soon, I need something to watch. After a long day of school there is nothing like sitting down and watching a good episode of your favorite shows. I guess that is why we have TV on DVD's now?