No Longer a Studio Art Major

Many of you who have talked with me recently know that I am really getting the fever to graduate from college. I am finally getting the sense that I am actually going to graduate. I have an outside chance of graduating here in June of 08. One of the first things I had to do was change majors. The only way I could get into UC Irvine was under a Studio Art major, and how I got into that major to begin with I never have understood, but the Economics major I wanted when I transfered wasn't even offered during Winter of 2007. So I got into the major thinking I would change right when I got into UC Irvine. However I got to the school and they said I had to take a few classes and I would be able to change, and then it was a few more classes and all of a sudden it was Summer of this year and I was still in Studio Art.

Over the summer I changed my focus from Economics to Sociology in hope not only to graduate earlier (which I now will) and took four Sociology courses over the summer. Two were Social Psychology classes, one was a theory and the final was a political sociology class. However I wasn't able to change majors until I took one more Sociology class which I completed during Fall of 2007, and now January 8th, 2008 I am finally no longer a Studio Art major. I am now a Sociology major, I am so much more interested in Sociology then I was with Economics. So now I am a Sociology major, I have to get a few more things to pan out and I could be graduating in six months. How great would that be? I apply for graduation next week, and we will see how that goes. More to come!

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