Fantasy Football Results

As I said, I am in Maui writing this post today, basically to let you all know the results of my Fantasy Football draft that took place on Saturday at 6am Hawaiian time. That is some dedication I must say. But without any further introduction, here is my 07 Fantasy Football Team.

1. Donovan McNabb (Eagles)
2. Matt Leinart (Cardinals)
3. Brady Quinn (Cleveland)

1. Frank Gore (49ers)
2. Willis McGahee (Ravens)
3. Edgerrin James (Cardinals)
4. Chris Brown (Titans)
5. Marcell Shipp (Cardinals)

1. Marques Colsten (Saints)
2. Hines Ward (Steelers)
3. Terry Glenn (Cowboys)
4. Donte Stallworth (Patriots)
5. Drew Bennetti (Rams)
6. Amani Toomer (Giants)

1. Vernon Davis (49ers)
2. Marcus Pollard (Seahawks)

1. Jeff Wilkins (Rams)
2. Martin Grammatica (Dallas)
Joel S