Fantasy Football Draft Tomorrow

So tomorrow is my big Fantasy Football draft, and I will be posting up my final team tomorrow to let you all know what sort of big sleeper picks and winners I pick for the year. I love Fantasy Football and have been in a league at my Dad's Work for at least six or seven years, playing on Yahoo before that. I have never won, I usually end close to the top but I feel good about this year. I am picking #6 this year, with ten players, which means I am right in the middle of the pack. I am looking at a few different players at the spot and if they are available it will be in this order: Frank Gore, Sean Alexander, Joseph Addai. I will probably take another Running Back on the way back around and then a Quarterback on the way back. That is the way the Fantasy Pro's say to do it! So that will be taking place tomorrow at 9am Pacific, which means since I am in Maui I will be waking up at about 5:30am to make sure I am ready for the draft. Wish me luck, I am going to need it!
Joel S