Went Wine Tasting, Nothing Like It

As many of you know I just turned 21 last month, and to be honest am just not the world's biggest drinker. However I have enjoyed a few glasses of wine since reaching the 21 milestone and I must say that I am a fan. So this past weekend I went wine tasting at a local winery down in what we call Canyon Crest. It is a nice little shopping center and the winery is in a little odd ball location. When we got in there was only one other party in there and they showed us how they make the wine, bottle it, and all that kind of good jazz. We got to sample five wines for five bucks, seemed fair to me, I had one white, one red, two fruit, and one dessert. I have to say the red and the white were my favorite (sorry the names are escaping me, I am not a big wine-o yet). Anyways if you haven't before, go wine tasting, it is a great date, a relaxing environment, and really is a lot of fun.
Joel S