Another Great Apple Experience

There is no denying, at one point I did anything to stay away from Apple, I was a PC guy all the way. Then came the iPod's then the Mac Mini and then the Mac Books and now the iPhone and I am officially hooked. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the quick price drop, but it was pretty expected. However today I was so excited and amazed to find that Apple was giving $100 credit to the Apple Store to anyone who purchased there iPhone before the price drop. To me this couldn't have been a more pleasant and welcomed surprise for all the earlier adopters of the phone. So I got my $100 credit within three minutes (that is what I call customer service) and bought iWork 08 family pack for Jenn and I for the upcoming school year, and it cost me literally five bucks! What can be better then that? I am just so pleased to find that Apple really is customer focused. Some may say that they did this out of the outcry of the Apple faithfuls, and I agree, but talk about a great mechanic for keeping faithful clients, they just earned so many brownie points in my book I can't even count them. Great job Apple, another job well done!

Apple iPhone Lineup

Joel S