Xbox 360 Dies Again. Red Ring of Death

Well it has happened again. Back when I had the radio show GameTalkLive we had a whole show in regards to the terrible Xbox 360 repair process. It took weeks to receive a box, weeks to receive my 360 back, and just a terrible time in between. Well about one year and a few months after the first repair the unthinkable happened, or well according to Microsoft the thinkable happened, it broke again. I got the infamous red rings of death which are covered now by a three year warranty since Microsoft was having terrible problems with there units. So in essence I get to play the waiting game again, and unfortunatley I have about 5-6 Xbox 360 titles I need to review including DIRT and Transformers two games I was looking forward to checking out. So now I sit and wait, the updates on the support will come. I called on 07/12 at 9:00pm to report the problem and my support order was issued. 3-4 Days until I get the box. Lets see when it comes! That will be the next update! Please Lord give me patience.

Red Ring of Death Xbox 360

Joel S