Sony E3 Conference (Live Updates)

So I should be out of class by the start of the Sony E3 07 Conference so I am hoping to do live updates just like I did from the Microsoft conference. The show starts at 11:30am Pacific, only one hour away! I believe we are all hoping to see some big announcements along side the showing of Killzone 2. A prediction before hand would be showing of Ratchet and Clank and maybe even the next Sly Cooper title either for PS3 or PSP or both. Interested to see where Sony is going to go, could there be the unveiling of God of War 3 for the PS3? Sony needs a big E3, so there is a lot riding on this presentation.

11:43am: Just like in the previous two conferences, Gamespot is having trouble getting there live feed to work, so until they get it up, I have no idea what is happening.

11:50am: I am still not up and running, looks like a slimmer PSP was announced.

11:56am: I am up and going, and we are moving now to the Playstation Network.

11:59am: Most gameplay and least graphics, Echo Chrome? I am just sick of puzzle games I am sorry! Can't we get away from puzzle games. However the trailer is impressive, looks like an interesting and very different game. Actually the more I watch the more it looks really good.

12:02pm: Four game video montage. Wipeout HD will be fun, they are always just good enjoyable times. Pain looks very different, not sure what to expect from this one, could be a good time. Having played Warhawk beta I have to say that it was pretty fun, I can't wait to see the full version it looked amazing. And last up is SOCOM Confrontation is the first PS3 SOCOM game, which is a downloadble game which is awesome. Using Crossroads a very popular map is awesome. The game looks gorgeous and is available both on Blu-Ray and downloadable!

12:06pm: Back talking about Home, which is ready for Fall. You can run on Home on a Sony Ericson phone. The environment and the new spaces of Home look really good. To me Home is either going to be great or fall flat, I like the look, I am just not sure it will take off.

12:09pm: Talking about Singstar on PS3 with a Blu-Ray version and then downloading more content further.

12:10pm: A mention of the Sony Eye (new Eye Toy), showing it off with Singstar on the PS3.

12:11pm: You can put photos from your phone onto the Home server, as well as the other way take your pictures from Home onto the internet.

12:14pm: You can open up any game in Home, which Phil decides to go into Motorstorm, and this seems like a great use of the feature. So in general you can play any game directly from Home. You can play either Singleplayer or Multiplayer.

12:16pm: We are going back to Jack now with more information on the PS3. Two goals this year, more owners and games. Phil throws a little joke into the price drop and the leaking of the price drop. 11 Million Units world wide by the end of the year?

12:19pm: Talking up the Blu-Ray , 2-1 Sales Blu-Ray over HD-DVD, and Blockbuster staying with Blu-Ray not HD-DVD.

12:23pm: Ubisoft's Haze looks pretty good, Ubi Soft loves giving different consoles exclusive.

12:25pm: Sony gets the Unreal Engine for the PS3, to give it to other developers. 100 Games already into the works, and Epic is making Unreal 3 an EXCLUSIVE! Mods are able to go from PC to PS3 which is huge It is going to be out November 07.

12:26pm: PS3 Third Party Montage: Call of Duty 4 is the first and it still looks just as amazing as last night at the Microsoft conference. Assassins Creed is the second game showed and once again I said it was the best looking game last night and continues to be the best looking game today. Kane and Lunch is a game I haven't heard much about but it does look like a good time. Resident Evil 5 not a Playstation exclusive, but still will probably be a gigantic release. Burnout Paradise, another Burnout title, and probably more arcade racing, not much to say here. Madden NFL 08 is the next trailer, and it hopefully will get some last minute touch ups as we have been hearing it looks a good degree lower in quality then the 360 counterpart. Next is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which I have played and reviewed, not that exciting. The Simpsons Game is probably going to be a bust, but hey there have been good Simpsons games in the past. Next up is Guitar Hero 3 which is going to be great, lets face it! Medal of Honor Airborne is a game I am personally looking forward to mainly because I have loved previous Medal of Honor games especially on the original Playstation. Rock Band is the next trailer and we all know we are looking forward to this one. And thats the third party support!

12:33pm: There is a surprise third party exclusive, and it is in its 20th Anniversary. It is METAL GEAR SOLID 4. Hideo Kojima is now on stage! He says it is the final game of the series! That is very surprising. The story of Snake will end and he will be done with the series now. The plot lines and such will be revealed. The game itself will be stealth, but new elements will be introduced in the battlefield. There is now a trailer for MGS4, brand new, ALL GAMEPLAY. Throughout the trailer the visuals are amazing, Snake definitely is showing his older age, he still looks good though. It still seems like we are looking at cut scenes still though, the object is to kill Liquid. However it looks amazing, can't wait for MGS4! Early 2008 Release! Next week they will show a full demonstration of the game for the official unveiling. There he will have more information on the game.

12:44pm: We are now moving back to the Sony first party titles, which are coming in this financial quarter. First up is the new Ratchet and Clank game, Tools and Destruction.

12:47pm: Next game is Folklore, a new action RPG game. It is really a different loking game, a lot of different genres thats for sure. It has a lot of wierd elements not sure what to expect from this one. This is one that will be a pure thumbs up or down.

12:48: Heavenly Sword has looked amazing in previews before, and this trailer is no exception. This is one of the titles I am looking forward to, that is for sure. I think if the story is right, it will make for a great experience, which should be good for this title. The game is really one of the best looking games on the Sony conference thus far.

12:50pm: I am really excited about NBA 08, NBA 07 was really a good game, one that I still play, and the new game looks solid. Weekly content was huge and continues to be huge.

12:52pm: Little Big Planet is different, a lot of people talked it up, I am not sure. Play, Create, and Share is the idea behind the game. To me this requires a lot of work from the user base and if the user base isn't initially interested it is really hard to get a game like this off the ground. I am also interested in the pricing.

12:54pm: Naughty Dog is showing off Uncharted a game that I think could be the big experience on the Sony Playstation 3. The story looks good. It has been called a Tomb Raider title, but to me it looks like even more then that. I am excited about this one.

12:56pm: Suckerpunch (makers of Sly) is coming out with a new Sandbox title, Infamous. All I can say is, WOW. Now this is what Sony has needed, a super hero/creative sandbox game experience that looks absolutely fantastic. Big thumbs up for this announcement. Although would love to see another Sly Cooper game!

12:57pm: Gran Turismo is coming back, and it is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue!!!! This will have full online functionality. They sure are hyping up GT5. Visually I have never seen a better racing, and that is coming right after play Forza 2. My question is why give us all these small games, why not just work on GT5 and give us that? And that is all from Phil!

12:59pm: Everything you are about to see is real time, that means Killzone 2! This is the trailer we already saw earlier today, so not that exciting. The game does look pretty though! Does it live up to the original trailer that was CGI? Not necessarily but still good. This is a pretty long trailer to, shows off quite a bit of content.

1:05pm: Jack is here to wrap it up! Playstation only around for 13 years, interested to see how the PS3 really ends up turning out! And thats a wrap, all three conferences are done. What did we learn? Not any "huge" announcements from Sony, that was actually probably the biggest surprise. I also wanted more info on the Playstation Eye? I guess not!
Joel S