A Much Needed Full Fledged Date

As most fo you read from my last post, it was a pretty long and hectic weekend. I think in total I got 10 hours of sleep from Friday-Sunday. However before all of this happened Jenn and I had a whole day planned for yesterday June 18, 2007. Jenn is now going down to UCI with me (who by the way just took out Cal State Fullerton in the College World Series) and so she had her orientation at 9am yesterday down in Irvine. So we figured since we were in the OC we would go down to Disneyland which we have year passes for. On the way down we stopped at Benihana's a place I had never been and Jenn just once. I love the whole habatchi grill, and chef's cooking your food right in front of you, you really just seem to enjoy your food more. I had scallops and shrimp and Jenn had a really good Filet. We went to Disneyland which was just a complete zoo but we managed to enjoy our time there nonetheless. However after some time we realized that we would just be waiting in gigantic lines so we headed down to the beach where Jenn literally fell asleep for a good half an hour.

It was one of those days that we had both been looking forward to, a day that we both desperately needed, and just made for a great day. With the constant ups and downs of life, it is nice to still have those days to just let everything unwind.
Joel S