First Slowdown in a While

Hey everyone I am sure there are a few of you who were surprised not to see a post in a few days. Well in fact there is a reason for the absence. On my way to work (the bank) on Thursday afternoon I received a phone call from Jenn's mom informing me of the serious condition of her grandfather who had been struggling from lung cancer (having never smoked a day in his life). I was blessed by my manager to be able to leave work, pick up Jenn at the end of her shift and go visit her grandpa. The last few days up until extremely early this morning (at around 1am) we had spent at the hospital with her Grandpa and much of her family. The decision was made late last night and early this morning to take him off of life support as his internal organs were beginning to shut down. The process was one of the most excruciating processes I have ever been through and to see her Grandpa go like that was hard for everyone.

Jenn's grandpa was a real character. After losing my grandpa over five years ago it was nice to still have someone to look at like a Grandpa, which was exactly what Jenn's grandpa was. The last I spoke to him was a week ago or so when we were just stopping by to see how he was doing and helping with a few things around the house. I spoke to him for a few minutes and he was struggling to talk but he did tell me to not let anything really get under your skin or to let things stress you, he said looking back on his life everything that he ever worried about worked out.

We all loved Jenn's grandpa (Al Carpenter) and we will definitely miss him.
Joel S