After One Week With the Prius How Do I Feel?

I have to say that I never really knew what to expect from a hybrid vehicle, mainly because up until a few weeks ago I had done very little research on the subject. Which right away shows you I am not a big environmentalist however I don't mind doing my part. I have been asked however by several people, how do I like driving the Prius? Well after commuting to school 4/5 days this week which is an hour plus each way I can say I have had a good amount of testing on my 2007 Prius to tell you this is one amazing vehicle. The amount of technology that is in this rig is amazing. From the touch screen to the backup camera to the great gas consumption meter you really feel like your living in luxury with this car.

Not only that but driving a Prius offers up a new experience to driving, it is one that is much more relaxed and calm. The car drives in either electric or gas mode and when in electric which is mainly in city driving it is as smooth as butter. Half the time you can't even tell your driving its so dang smooth. I find myself just going with the flow in this car and just enjoying my day a lot more. Sure it is a new car so I am a bit biased but I could not be happier with the purchase and would 100% recommend this vehicle to anyone!

By the way I am averaging around 45-46mpg! Gotta love it!

Joel S