World of Joel’s Progress and Future

So I don't do this very often, mainly because I don't check World of Joel's visitor totals all that frequently. I make around 15 to 25 cents a day on my blog which isn't much but as you can see my Google Ad's are not there for optimization. However I have to say I am a bit surprised with my stats both in a positive and negative way. I had days in the month of April with 100-150 unique visitors on the blog. I also had days where there were 20-30 unique visitors. Looking at my posting last month I managed to be extremely consistent (for my standards) and yet my readership seems to be all over the board with very little rhyme or reason.

So I ask you. What do you like to read about on this blog? Would you rather me take more a tech approach? Would you rather I stick to my personal life and the life of Joel? Or do you like the way the blog is going? Give me some feedback. I have noticed that we have a lot of readers but not a lot of comments. So I am asking you readers of World of Joel what would you like to see from this blog?

Joel S