Kobe Stop Crying and Do Your Job

So yesterday both on my drive into school and on the way home every station I turned to was talking about Kobe Bryant and his desire to get out of LA. I get the feeling that a lot of this has to do with me living in Southern CA is probably part of the cause of the added exposure but the entire story is ridiculous. Kobe Bryant is one of the highest paid athletes, he is part of arguably the most notable sports teams in the country and yet all he seems to do is complain. We all know that he was the reason for Shaq's departure a few years ago, and the whole Colorado situation a few years back doesn't help his case. And yet it seems like everyone is feeling bad for Kobe Bryant. My feelings are that Kobe will not leave LA, they will make a pickup, and there will be some sense of harmony in the Lakers franchise.

I am not a big basketball fan but listening to these athletes who are paid multi-million dollars for just picking up a basketball and they all seem to complain. It should be interesting to see what happens with the Lakers in the coming weeks.
Kobe Bryant

Joel S