The Temporary Closure of Movie-Stop

It was around three to four months ago I opened up Movie-Stop a website that I had in development for a few months before hand, and had it in mind for years now. The site started out well increasing in visitors daily and even reviewing a few movies from some small indie studios. However I have come to the conclusion that maintaining that large of a score of a website with any degree of success with only two people on staff was just not going to happen, it was just far to much upkeep and not enough momentum going forward. Its a shame to have to come to this but with the growing time constraints of school and my job maintaining that vast of a scope of a website just doesn't seem possible. So in the coming weeks I will be working on ways to shrink down the site a bit without taking away its flavor and its appeal. Any ideas or feedback would be great, but if not get ready to enjoy a much more efficent!

Joel S