Goodbye King of Queens. We Will Miss You.

Now it has been a year or so since I was actively watching King of Queens a thirty minute sitcom on CBS, but every time I tune that show on, whether its re-runs or new shows I enjoy my time. Tonight marks the season concluding episode of a show that really put Kevin James on the map and landed him the great role on Hitch. I am a huge fan of his, his stand up act on Comedy Central is hilarious, and so far his work on the big screen has been solid as well. I will miss most of all the relationship between Kevin James character Doug and his father in-law Arthur played by Jerry Stiller. The two have this indistinguishable bond that makes watching the show even more enjoyable. Although the show will still be a prominent syndicated show like Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Friends it is still sad to see Kevin James off the air. Good work King of Queens, good work.
King of Queens

Joel S