Gilmore Girls Says Its Goodbye’s

Although there is talk that Jericho will be canceled, official word won't come until tomorrow. So until then let's say goodbye to another show leaving the air waves this year, Gilmore Girls. Call it sappy, call it garbage, call it whatever it is you want to call it, but the show had a following. I never was the biggest Rory fan, or never had I planned every waking moment of my life basking in Stars Hollow. However as sad and low as this may sound to some of you, I really did enjoy much of the show. Some may say it takes a terrible writer to write a script like that of Gilmore Girls, after all its just a lot of words throw together in fragmented sentences making little to no sense what so ever. But think of it this way, to create such a mangled collection of jargon can't be easy. The show was simple, it never went dark, never lost sight of what it was and what it wanted to be. I enjoy the finale, it put everyone one the right path, it had a happy ending. Some may bask in the ever large crowd of Gilmore "bashers", I will remain in the middle, a hater no, a fan not so much, but an occasional watcher who enjoyed my time at Luke's Diner, or at the Friday Night Family Dinners. Have there ever been better TV parents? I think not.
Gilmore Girls

Joel S