Getting Back in Stride

Today is the first day of my spring quarter here at UC Irvine and this being my second quarter here I have to say I am feeling more comfortable. After what I feel as a rather dissapointing start here at UCI, I am ready to hit this quarter in stride and see if I can't be just a bit more successful. I have to admit although I am here at a lot more then I was last quarter in terms of time my schedule this quarter really sets up a lot nicer then before. I just spent the last four plus hours in the library which I spent going over Calculus and reading a book for one of my classes. I got so much accomplished in so much less time then I would at home plus it was just nice and relaxing. Now I am here in my Global Economy class way to early but amazed that I am finally in a class that reminds me of what a "UC Class" is supposed to look like. It's an extremely large stadium style auditorium that looks like it potentially could be a great movie theatre with 300+ students.

Spring quarter has begun and for the first time I actually feel ready. Here goes nothing!

Joel S