A Day at the Race Track.

This week for spring break Jenn and I have made every attempt to spend as much time with each other as humanly possible. This has involved a previous post which was talking about our adventure down to an art museum. Earlier today we went down to Santa Anita to go to the Horse Races where for the second in a year in a row we got box seats. Going on a Thursday was actually realy nice as we got to go on a pretty slow day for the race track and made it a lot more relaxing. then on the weekend.

Well anyways I really enjoy the race track mainly for the thrill of gambling without dropping a ton of money in a few minutes like at a casino. Unfortunately there are those days where things just don't go your way and today was one of those days. I bet on the first five races and went 0/5. Jenn went 3/5 which made it even harder when all I could do was lose. It was truly a great time and I for one am going to miss having the time off.

Joel S