A Series of Unfortunate Events (Updated 04/19)

I want to start by clarifying that my life is not anything I can complain about, in fact I quite possibly am the luckiest guy in the world. I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world, I have great family and friends, I have a job in which allows me to review video games, and a good "real" life job that allows me to live as comfortably as a college student can live. However with my recent transition to UC Irvine which I knew was going to be challenging in its own merits, has come some unfortunate events that have happened in literally a five day span.

Case #1: It all began on Thursday April 12th when I was ready to go leave for work (Bank of America) when I found my Hyundai Tiburon wasn't starting. It has 30,000 miles on it and sure enough the battery died. So no big deal, my parents let me borrow there car and I was off to work making it in time. My parents were also nice enough to buy a new battery for me and install it. So that was not a big price tag and thus not a bad deal.

Case #2: The same day of Thursday April 12th I brought my brand new less then two month old Mac Book with me to work, so I could do homework at my break. Like I mentioned I had to change cars and I think I was in a rush and through my backpack into the back of my parents Honda Pilot. No harm no foul right? Well I got on break and was on the phone with Jenn when I opened my Mac Book and saw a major crack at the bottom of the screen. Now I have 3/4 of my Mac Screen un-viewable. Now I call up Apple and they say it to the Genius Bar to get it serviced. I thought it might not be under warranty but the sticker shock of how much they were going to charge me to replace the screen could basically buy a new Mac Book. Luckily I was with Jenn who asked a question of what else we could do and the guy asked if I bought it with an American Express. Luckily Jenn recommended me to get a Gold Card which I did and bam I find out they cover accidental damage to products for the first 90 days. So now I am in an ongoing effort to get American Express to cover my repair of my Mac Book. More information on this will come, I am just praying that American Express covers it.

Case #3: So you would think my unfortunate events would stop there right? After one of the best days of my life when Jenn came to surprise me on Friday the 13th of April, we decided to drive my Malibu which sits at the train station back into Riverside as we had missed the Train. The drive home was great and the evening was topped off with a great meal. I left my Malibu at the train station in Riverside to drive back to Irvine Monday morning. Well of course my luck hasn't been going to strong and the car began overheating right when I got on the freeway. I managed to get off the freeway without stalling and got towed back down to Riverside to the dealer. Let's just say the news wasn't good from the mechanic and it looks like I busted my block (not sure if that's right). I was happy to hear that it doesn't seem to be cracked which would have basically meant I would have wanted to dump the car. In short the Malibu is going up for sale and I am going to be looking for a new car all together. I am thinking of a Toyota Prius Hybrid. We will see.

Case #4: After what seemingly was all of the bad that could have happened, the unthinkable happens, something else stops working. So I was just ready to go to bed last night and I had my cell phone in my shirt pocket. I bent over by the sink and bam there goes my cell phone into a nice pool of water. I rushed to get it out of there, probably was in there for a split second tried drying it off. The cell phone seemed fine, and I gave a sigh of relief. Walk into our den and bam it turns off. So I fiddle around with the battery and it seems like it might turn back on and now it's completley dead. That's right my cell phone has now been damaged and is dead. It is an old phone, one I didn't spend a lot of money on, however the fact that my plan has 6 months left means I need to get a cheap phone for time being. Just another expense!

I am not asking for anyone to feel bad for any of this .As I mentioned before I am truly blessed, in fact the more I think about it I am so blessed to even have these problems to begin with. When you see the terror in this world like what happened at Virginia Tech or anywhere around the world where people are being massacred, I have nothing to complain about. I am writing this mainly so one day I can look back and remember this time in my life and laugh. Also I figured it would give you all a little insight to the outlook of my life right now.

Joel S