My Heartfelt Prayers Go Out to Virginia Tech

I had a post that I had planned for today talking about the unfortunate events of my own life, but when I keep hearing about what happened in Virginia today I can do nothing but pray and feel grateful for my own life. Whenever life is lost whether naturally or through the act of murder it is an extremely devastating time. However when thirty plus lives are taken for no apparent reason but just the sick act of hatred, that is not only disturbing that is horrific. I want to dedicate this post to all of those who have lost loved ones in this awful event. Being a college student I can only imagine the terror that must have run through the campus as those gun shots were set off. I pray that is the last of this violence, and pray for the comfort of those families who loses must be unbearable.

Let us all pray for not only the victims but for the friends, neighbors, and family that all were involved in this horrific event.

Joel S