The Comments of Don Imus, No Excuse.

We have come to a point in this nation where it seems tolerant to degrade women or even to degrade other races. We also find that what a celebrity can say, or I should say highly respected individuals are given these pedestals and they often show us why we shouldn't put them there in the first place.

I worked at KCAA Radio 1050AM which played three hours of Imus In the Morning (Don Imus) every morning of the week. I obviously never had that kind of radio airing but having spent a year in the industry I can understand that you can say things that don't come out right but as you can see from the video below this was not just a slip, but an absolutely despicable comment that relays as being downright disgusting. There is no excuse for that and its a shame that we still have such racist/sexist comments coming out.

Should we hold Don Imus responsible for his actions? Absolutely. We should keep anyone responsible for there actions, as hatred, sexism, racism, whatever words you want to associate with his comments it is was uncalled for and utterly disgusting. At the same time people like Rap Artists, Celebrities, White Supremacists, and the like should all be held responsible for there words as they can be just hurtful and ill spirited as Imus's comments. I have never been a huge fan of his (Imus) to begin with, but these comments are just so blatant and so strong that it's hard to even have a clue where Imus was coming for. These girls were part of a college basketball team, they are college students for crying out load and just the fact they got that far in the tournament deserved a lot more respect then Imus gave them. It's hard enough just going to college, imagine playing for a successful women's basketball team. In fact this goes for anyone, man or women, white or black, they deserve the respect not to be called such hurtful and foolish words.

Does Imus deserve to lose his job? That's for his network to figure out. For me I just think we need to stop supporting people who promote such hatred. Imus has been called on this sort of talk before, but calling college girls the words that he said is just without excuse. Sure he apologized but come on he had to do that to have a chance of keeping his job. His actions are without excuse and hopefully above all else this brings up the fact that racism is alive today and is an issue that still needs dealing with. Let's start by supporting people who use positive words and not those that bring groups down.


Joel S