The Impact of the NFL

Did you have today marked on your calendar? With the NBA Playoffs right around the corner and the NHL Playoffs just getting underway, do you know what was the biggest story today outside of the Imus controversy, the release of the NFL Schedule. I am a big football fan as many of you may or may not know, but the fact that we are spending a good portion of Sportscenter breaking down the NFL Season which is around five-six months away is crazy. I am looking forward for football to get going again to but the fact that we need analyst to sit there and break down the big games in November and December of this year seems like overkill.

With that being said one game did strike me as intriguing. It was last year we saw a pre-season game played down in Mexico City which was neat it brought a unique flavor to the game. Well this year is the first international NFL game and this is taking place in London with the NY Giants and the Miami Dolphins. How great it would be to fly out to London to go check out that game. First off London is a great city and I think expanding the NFL around the world could become a bigger part of the sport. The way soccer has become such a "world" event, the same could be said about the NFL given the right structure. Obviously right now soccer reigns supreme in most countries outside of the US, but it doesn't have to say that way. Can you see the Super Bowl in 2015 in Tokyo? London? Australia? Sounds good to me!

Joel S