Favorite TV Show Thus Far This Fall? Journeyman

So we are a few weeks into the fall TV season and as you know a lot of my TV blogs are really doing well, and for that I am very happy and I appreciate everyones support. But thus far I have enjoyed most of the shows I blog about, but the one that I really enjoy is Journeyman so far. I like the characters, I like the premise, and I like the execution, and yet I worry it may not be on for much longer. The show has not gotten the strongest ratings, it is at a hit/miss timeslot at 10pm (kind of late), and it is a premise that has been done before, yet at the same time I really love watching it.

My Top Five Shows Watching Right Now (In No Order)
- Journeyman
- Chuck
- Heroes
- The Office
- Bionic Woman

Notables: Beauty and the Geek, Big Bang Theory, and Cavemen.
Joel S