Taking An Art Class for the First Time

So I just transferred to UC Irvine back in Winter Quarter of last year, and thus far the classes have been extremely challenging but then again nothing I am deathly afraid of taking. But for the first time since 7th grade I am taking an Art class. The reason is a long story but I am in Studio Art 1A a class entitled Visual Culture which I had to buy my very first and only sketch pad. We have four art assignments, each of which are to be graded and critiqued in front of the class. For those who know me well know that drawing is the least of my skills, in fact I am deathly afraid of standing in front of 30 people having them critique my artwork. So to say the least I am going to be fearing this class every Monday and Wednesday this quarter. So wish me luck everyone, this could be a very interesting quarter to say the least.
Joel S