Breakfast Review: Garage Kitchen + Bar

Last year on our two San Diego outings we sampled some of the local fare, mainly breakfast and continued that on our latest trip. After enjoying both Richard Walkers Pancake House and Queenstown Public House we were ready to continue to see what San Diego had in store for us. This time I left Jenn with the task of finding us a place for breakfast and she landed on Garage Kitchen + Bar a short walk from where we were staying. 

We arrived at around 10:30 and the place was a ghost town. By 11 AM though the once empty restaurant was packed. Jenn started off with an Orange Juice and I had a Blood Mary. Not sure why Jenn was making me look like an alcoholic on this trip. The Bloody Mary was both really reasonably priced and fantastic. I was really tempted to get another one.

For breakfast Jenn had what they called The Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever. This was surprising for two reasons. One its the first time outside of a grilled cheese I've ever seen Jenn order something with the word "sandwich" in the title. And second its a bold statement to say "the best" when describing an item on the menu. According to Jenn with her very limited experience in this category concurred with the menu's evaluation of the sandwich, it was indeed the best. I had a bite and I can say that it was pretty great, not sure it beat Champagnes though. I went with what Jenn would typically order, the two-egg breakfast with an English muffin. 

It was a really great breakfast and we loved both the vibe and the look of the place. I'm sure its a pretty busy place at night, but for a Saturday Brunch it was just what the doctor ordered.