Dinner Review: The Lion's Share

Last year when we were dealing with all of our house problems we spent a couple of weekends in San Diego at my Grandma's condo. It was a huge blessing, and made for some truly memorable and fun weekend getaways. A year later our lives have completely turned around, we're out of the house, and live in a great apartment that we love. We went back down this past weekend to San Diego to enjoy another go at the great city and enjoy some of its great cuisine. 

When we got to San Diego it was a little after 6PM and we both were starving. After looking at Yelp we walked over to a Mexican restaurant called Puesto which was close by and were told it would be over an hour wait. We put our name in anyways and decided to walk around in search of other options. As we were walking around downtown San Diego we made a quick turn to avoid a slow moving freight train and stumbled into a small lively restaurant called The Lion's Share.

We walked in and the place was packed but we scored to spots on a side-bar and had an incredible dinner there. I had a beer (Blanche de Bruxelles Belgian White) which was fantastic and we started off with their bruschetta which was fantastic. For our main course Jenn went with the Wild Boar Bolognese which was incredible. I took a bite of her pasta and it was fantastic and Jenn cleaned the plate. I had the Wild Style Burger (basically because of the cool name) and it was both delicious and messy. It was a burger with boar bacon and a fried egg and was delicious. It came with truffle fries which I also love. 

The entire evening was saved by our great meal/experience at The Lion's Share. It's a very eclectic vibe and at night at least is very dark, but lively. It was a fun evening and a great meal and if we are back in San Diego again I could see us going back to The Lion's Share.