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Our Favorite Things from 2017

We're nearing the end of another year and that means its time for our favorite things post. This is now our seventh year in a row doing this post and I absolutely adore going back and reading old posts. 2017 has been an absolutely crazy/enjoyable/memorable year and putting together this post just reiterates to me how fortunate we both are. We've been blessed with so much and I hope to never lose sight of that. Alright let's do it, let's go through Jenn and my favorite things from 2017. 

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Our Favorite Things From 2016

Welcome to our sixth annual favorite things. Its an opportunity to look back on all of our favorite things we've watched, ate, and experienced in the year that was. Each year you can see our tastes begin to change, our bodies grow older, and our hearts younger. It was a great year and I'm excited to share with you our favorite things from 2016. 

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