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A Look Back - December 2018

As the year winds down and I’m prepping all of my year-end posts I did carve out some time to recap the month that was December 2018. It was a busy month with a lot of travel and activities, but also a month that ended with the relaxation that both Jenn and I have needed for a long time.

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A Look Back - November 2018

As I write this winter is here, its a brisk 30 degrees out and throughout November we went from beautiful fall days to our first snow day as New York City residents. November was a phenomenal month, and one that has gotten us ready for the holidays and the new year to come.

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A Look Back - October 2018

When we moved to New York a lot of people asked how we’re going to deal with the NYC winters. Most would follow that up with how great Fall was in New York. We’re in Fall and its stunning. The weather is crisp, sometimes cold, but it makes walking this beautiful city even better. We were out and about most of October so it’s a great month to look back on!

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