2015: My Year in Numbers

For seven years of my life I was an analyst. I spent much of my 40-hour work week running numbers in Excel and making it look pretty. 2015 in a lot of ways was the continuation of a trend for me of getting into personal analytics. Using the power of "smart" technology you can learn a lot about yourself just by using the phone already in your pocket. I might have went a bit overboard this year now with my Apple Watch but here is a look at a year in all of the statistics I've been tracking in 2015. 


For the first three months of 2015 I was using my iPhone as the pedometer. From what I've read online that isn't all that accurate. Once I got my Apple Watch though that became my primary tracking device. The average step count includes my morning run. 

Average Steps By Month



Since I played tennis in High School I've had the dream of getting into a routine where I would wake up and go out on a run. I'll never forget telling my parents to wake me up early over the summer so I would go for a run and get into good tennis shape. I'm not sure I ever went on a run. But 2015 was the year I was able to start building a routine. 

Before I got to this point I used and completed the program using an app called Couch to 5K which got me from doing around a mile or two to being able to consistently doing 2.5-3 miles every morning. The only two deviations from plan was when we were on vacation (which I worked out a number of those days) and also in mid-December when I was battling a cold. Otherwise I've been doing a consistent 2-3 miles every morning and hope to do it for all of 2016. 


I've been using an app called Sleep Cycle for around two years. You used to have to put your phone on the corner of your mattress and it would track your sleep. Now it's fine on the nightstand listening to you sleep. It serves two purposes. One is to track how long you're sleeping and second is to track how well you are sleeping. 



My plan was to start taking better care of myself at the beginning of the year. But I never could get into a rhythm with moving and then moving again six months later. This past summer I  not only started to run every morning but I also started to look at my diet/eating habits and started weighing myself daily. Needless to say I lost a total of 15 lbs in the five or so months I've been working out and paying attention to my diet. I'm now right around my goal weight of 135. Hard to imagine I haven't been even close to that weight since I was a freshman in College. 

Here's the average weight by month. 


As you probably have already read by now I completed my goal to read 27 books in 2015. What you may not know is what that comes to in terms of how much reading that really is.

Total Page Count = 10,479 or roughly 875 pages a month. 

Total Audiobook Listening = 327 hours (26 books). Roughly 27 hours a month. 

All stats are through December 20th, 2015.