Christmas Decorations - 2015 Edition

What a year its been. 2015 is only the second time since Jenn and I have been married that we haven't decorated our home at The Colony in Newport Beach. Sort of crazy right? Although we anticipated this being the first year we decorated our new home that wasn't meant to be and we couldn't have been more excited to decorate our new apartment. 

2015 said goodbye not only to The Colony but our original Christmas Tree. It was a great tree that was starting to fall apart. Jenn's Mom got us that tree after stalking the local K-Mart daily to see if the tree would go below 75% off. She ended up getting us the tree for something close to 90% off the retail price. It definitely got its use. But that meant we had to go find a new main Christmas tree. We searched high and low (mostly online) and after even checking Christmas World in Riverside stumbled on a beautiful flocked tree at Lowe's. The tree couldn't have turned out any better. As I'm writing this I can look over my right shoulder and take in Jenn's amazing work. 

Jenn started decorating for most of the Friday after Thanksgiving. I helped move boxes and setup the trees but otherwise the decorating piece was all her. She decorated a total of four trees this year. Two on Friday one in our hallway and the other on our balcony. And then two on Saturday one in our bedroom and the other in our living room. At around 3PM on Saturday I popped a bottle of champagne and popped some popcorn and poured out some mixed nuts and we began the annual tradition of jointly decorating the main tree. I was delegated to the back of the tree (which turned out splendidly).

Decorating the tree is one of my favorite days of the year. It's easily one of the best traditions we've made for our family since getting married. I know for Jenn its extra special as she always says she never feels closer to her Mom then when she's decorating the house. And as always Jenn has done nothing but put together the most festive awe inspiring home to be in. You can't turn a corner in our house and not feel just a little bit more in the Christmas spirit. I have no idea how Jenn could ever top this years decorating.