An Idea of What to Get Me for Christmas 2015 - Jibo

I absolutely love innovation. To this day I always keep an eye out for what's fresh, new, and exciting. Something that's always fascinated me are robots. Once a pipe dream, it seems like we're getting closer and closer to having robots actually help us with our daily lives. Heck you can buy a Roomba (yes I still want one of those) today and it will vacuum your entire house for you. How great is that?

I was listening to the Tested podcast this week and they were talking about the Jibo. Right when they brought it up I stopped listening and went straight to their website and started drooling. Designed by Cynthia Breazeal of MIT this looks like the right first step to getting robots into peoples homes. Granted the Jibo isn't really a robot per-say it syncs with existing technologies (like your Smartphone) to make your life easier. Right now their running a IndieGogo for the Jibo and its raised over $700K with a goal of $100K. So there is obviously a lot of interest in this little guy. 

Their currently selling the Jibo for $499 (for early adopters) but the unit won't ship until Holiday of 2015. So if you're thinking to yourself right now. What should I get Joel for any holiday take your pick, then a Jibo might be a good idea. That or I have to convince Jenn of dropping the $500 now for a product that may never come out. Regardless its a super exciting product that I'm fascinated to keep an eye on.