Celebrating Jakes New Job at Ruth Chris

A couple of weeks back Jake got offered his first full-time job since graduating college. He accepted the position and will be starting (will have started by the time this posts) on Tuesday May 27th. Jenn and I couldn't have been prouder of him so we decided to go out the three of us and celebrate at Ruth Chris here in Irvine. Before we went we had some and and went to (its Jake of course) take pictures to commemorate the moment. 

Our reservations were for 6:30PM on Saturday the 24th. We drove up in Jakes brand new Lexus IS350 F Sport that he purchased a couple days before. Its a beautiful car. We started off with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and their calamari. We all agreed that it might have been the best calamari we'd ever had. It had a really nice sweet and sour sauce with red peppers that was to die for. For our starters Jake and I both got salads (Harvest Salad and House Salad) while Jenn started with the Lobster Bisque. For our main entrees we all got something different. Jake went with the Filet Mignon, Jenn with the Lamb Chops, and I went with the Rib Eye.  For desert Jake and I both got a small cheesecake with chocolates. 

It was an incredible meal. Jenn and I haven't been to Ruth Chris since I got the ABU2 promotion in spring of 2010. It still lives up to the hype as we had one of the best meals we've had in all of 2014. We still love the sizzle. After dinner I got Starbucks and we headed home. We put on the movie Superbad which Jenn and I own and both Jenn and I fell asleep a half hour in. That's the sign of a great meal if you ask me. It was a really great night.