Just Got Done Drafting My 2014 Fantasy Baseball Team

I've been involved with Fantasy Sports since I can remember. I used to just watch my dad as a kid pick his football team every year and track the stats on TV and in the newspaper the next morning. Oh the days before the internet. As I got older I got my own fantasy football team and even joined him in a fantasy baseball league as well. I've never won either of them, and I'm not sure this year will be any different, but I'm pretty happy with how I drafted.

I had the first pick which was the easiest I had for the draft (Mike Trout of the Angels). From there I'm happy with my pick of Kipnis and Longoria (although I do worry about Longoria's health), and of Cliff Lee and Alex Rios. The one pick I really struggled with was Mr. Speedy Billy Hamilton who is supposed to steal a lot of bases this year but we shall see if that pans out. 

Here is some screen captures from the RotoWire Fantasy Baseball App I used to draft with my iPad. It makes everything so much easier on draft day. 

Baseball is an extremely long season (162 games long) so who knows how this team will pan out. Usually in baseball the team you draft looks nothing like the team you finish with. Its a long season so we shall see how it all turns out. If Trout performs this year I should have a good shot at least some money.