It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year - Christmas Decorations 2014 Edition

With each passing year I feel like I'm becoming more and more into Christmas. In early October of this year I can remember driving with Jenn somewhere and just blurting out "I can't wait for the holidays." Sure as a kid I always loved the gift aspect of the season but now I'm starting to care less about that and more just the joy of the season. A big reason for that is Jenn's hard work in making our home into a Christmas wonderland.

Jenn didn't just wake up one day and decide she was into Christmas. She grew up with it. If there wasn't a tree in every room of her house it wasn't Christmas. The same love for the season has now moved to Jenn and so if you ever come to our house from the day after Thanksgiving to New Years you will be in for quite the treat. This year was no exception. Jenn did probably her best decorating she's ever done this year. Each tree is precisely put together and she tries to add little touches to bring out the season in each room. 

Enough talking about it. Here's a tour of our 2014 Christmas decorations.