The End of Another Great Season of The Amazing Race

Jenn and I have watched around a dozen seasons of The Amazing Race. At the very beginning of the first episode of a season we pick our teams who we are going to root for. The competition between Jenn and I really heated up when Jenn won in Season 9 with the hippies, and has continued to this latest season, 23. 


At the beginning of Season 23 I went with what I thought would be a good but not great team of Jason and Amy, a dating couple from Boston. Jenn went with the physically dominant Tim and Marie who are an ex-couple turned Amazing Race team. Both of our teams for the first time since Season 9 made it to the finale, but my team just barely edged her's out in the final leg of the competition. 


Picking teams always makes the show even more enjoyable and when you picked two of the top teams right from the onset it made each episode that much more exciting to watch. I know both Jenn and I are excited to be back watching The Amazing Race, and this marks two wins in a row for me. Lets see if I can make it a hat-trick with Season 24!