Looking Into a Few New Pocket Digital Cameras

In a few months Jenn and I along with her Dad will be taking a journey across the pond to Europe and I really don't want to bring our Canon DSLR along with us. Why you ask? Well for one reason, its bulky. There were so many times when Jenn and I were in Barcelona last year that I just got tired of lugging the camera with lenses around. Sure it takes breathtaking pictures, but I barely know how to do any of the ultra photo nerd stuff that would make it worthwhile to take the big camera along. However now comes the inevitable search for a new pocket camera that is both small enough to fit in my pocket (hint the name) but that's going to take awesome shots.

Here are the cameras I am looking at:

Sony TX9

Sony TX9 Screenshot

I really like that this camera is ultra thin, touch screen, and has a 14 mega pixel lens. I do worry however that I have never fell in love with a touch screen that wasn't made by Apple. I also like that the camera takes 720p video which although I will probably use my Flip HD for video on the trip, it is nice to have regardless. I have to admit though looking at this camera it is pretty sweet looking and I had a ton of luck with my current pocket Sony camera. It looks as though it will cost around $250 or so.

Canon S95

Canon s95 Screenshot

I currently own a Canon Rebel XS DSLR and love it. Although of course I am buying a new camera because I don't want to carry it around on the trip. I like that the Canon S95 is just a pure digital camera. It has a lot of the advanced features if I ever want to use them, but it is just a pure high quality digital camera. I like that I don't have to worry about the touch screen, but it also is a bit more advanced then I need in a pocket camera. It looks like the average price is a bit on the top of the pocket camera scale of $350 but it looks like a beast of a camera.

Those are the two cameras that I have narrowed my search on for now. I also know that I will be bringing my now outdated original iPad along with me and will pick up one of those Apple Camera Connection kits so I can backup my photos as the day goes along.

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

So I will continue to do more research and price surfing until I come across the perfect pocket camera for the trip.