Just One of Those Updates...

I sat for a good ten or fifteen minutes before writing this post. I just am not sure what to write about today. I know I have gone a few days without a post, but I feel like I have nothing interesting to say or at least not enough for my typical post length, so I am going to break it down into a few smaller posts in one.

I've Been Tweeting The Past Few Weeks

Twitter.com is one of those technologies/innovations I just don't understand, but it sure took off. The whole idea is really micro blogging, making posts that are under 120 characters. I know a few people who do and I started to, but to be honest I just don't see the point. However on a day like today where I just don't have a real interesting post to write this would come in handy!

Darkstation.com Has Been #1 Focus

Some weeks I just feel like blogging, I have a lot on my mind. Other weeks like this one I just want to get my work done on Darkstation.com and move on. I have had the site under my control since August of 2008 so over 6 months now and the site has truly improved in both stats and I think in looks. Updated have been frequent and I feel like we continue to offer a better product today then yesterday and hopefully will continue that trend.

Alex Rodriguez Tested Positive For Steroids

A-Rod Hitting a Homerun

Does this really come as a surprise? I mean I can't say I was 100% sure he was taking steroids but at least we had to be a little suspicious of anyone who has been on a proffessional baseball diamond in the past 10-20 years. I, just like everyone else was in love with the McGwire and Sosa HR race, it was great. We the fans knew something wasn't right and we still loved it. Now the best player in baseball comes out and says he was taking it. The last big name that I think would really shake people up if he came out with steroids is Ken Griffey Jr. I am not sure if he took steroids or not, but if he did I think more people would really be in uproar. I just never liked A-Rod maybe because he is a Yankee, I just have never cared much for the guy and now that he was with steroids I really don't care for him. We all new this was going on, its just a shame to see such a great sport be dragged through the mud over and over again.