There Have Been a Lot of Natural Disasters Lately

Haven't there been a ton of natural disasters lately? I got online after class today and I hear that China has a magnitude 7.8-7.9 earthquake. From what I remember from my Geology course things like that are not only rare but extremely intense and highly dangerous. The largest earthquake since 1900 was in Chile at a magnitude 9.5, so your not talking about to far off of that.

With that cyclone in Myanmar (which I can honestly say I had never heard of before this disaster) with over 100,000 dead. That is no small number to be just thrown around. I put it into perspective, I live in Riverside, CA where in 2000 the population they believed to be 255,166. That means that 1/2 of the population is dead from one disaster, that is an insane idea to comprehend. It is just such a hard concept to try to grasp your hand around to understand, and all you can really do is pray for those in these areas.