Things I Learned In My First Quarter at UC Irvine

As many of you may or may not know, I transfered from Cal State San Bernardino a school I attended to for three years to take up the opportunity to transfer to UC Irvine. Now although my Coyotes are in the Division II NCAA Basketball Final Four, I digress, with my terrible Division 1 school that's top sport is Men's Volleyball. We are Number 1 in the country in Men's Volleyball, now if that isn't something to be proud of then what is.

Although UC Irvine is not a sports school, although who knows one day it may be, it is a great academic school and one one that took a lot of time to understand and to start to realize what to do and what not to do at this school. So here are some of the things I learned in my first quarter at UCI.

1) Watch out for anyone on a bike, they have the right away, and if your in the way they will have no problem in running you off the road, or worse running you over.
2) The TA's don't teach the subjects that well, but they can help you on assignments and that sure can make life a lot easier.
3) Don't take the train on finals or midterm week. I almost missed a midterm and a final because of train problems that delayed me severely.
4) Don't skip class, the day you do something important will happen and you will be out of luck.
5) I am the best at being lazy, and that is something that I just don't think is possible if you want to be sucessful at UCI.
6) Know the Professors won't show you the exact steps to complete a problem, they will just give you the formula and let you figure it out yourself.

There is probably more but for now I am on my first day off of school for a week and I am going to enjoy it. Now watch out for the people on the bike, they are crazy!

Joel S