Crazy Morning, That's For Sure

So this morning started out like a normal morning. It is Wednesday which means Jenn and I don't start class tell 10am, so we wake up early and go to IHop for a hearty 3.99 breakfast (eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and pancakes) and everything was really same as usual. We brought some food home for Jenn's dog Sparky like we always do, some bacon and some hashbrowns. We walk in the door I immediately go to get my stuff so we can head out to my laptop to get some work done before school, and I hear Sparky yelping really loud and Jenn yells for me to come in. As I walk in Sparky is on the ground shaking and yelping in pain, it was one of those experiences where instincts and adrenaline kick in and you really loose sight of what is going on. Sparky settles down a bit, and let's a little #1 out, and then gets up, and a minute or two later is waging his tail and running around like nothing had happened. Jenn and I both sat there with our eyes just glazed over, trying to capture our bearings.


Jenn's mom took Sparky to the Vet and it seems as though as Jenn and I both had thought, he had an epilepsy seizures, and we are finding out tomorrow from his blood work if there was a trigger. The reason I tell the story is to one never take a day for granted, and two just to say how proud I was of Jenn. She was very calm through everything, and as scary as it was, it was even more amazing to see the dog up and about like nothing had ever happened only a minute or two later. It was one of those mornings that takes years off your life, and one that I hope never to experience again. Let's hope tomorrow brings good news!

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