Some Updates to

So I thought since I have slowed down a bit on my posts to give everyone an update on the latest in the World of Joel. First and for most my latest project is getting close to completion and we are just any day now from launching the website. My younger brother Jake and I are working hard on getting a good database of movies already in there and working on getting at least a few reviews ready for the launch. I know we are both really excited about that new project and the many ways it could potentially lead us.

This week you may also see the addition of some Blog's I read. I only have two, but that is just for right now, as more come along, I will post up more. And if you are interested in exchanging links the e-mail is joel[at]! First on the list is Bob Buskirk who is the owner of ThinkComputers a website I wrote for a long time ago when I was just getting into hardware reviews. I then have David Lithman who I have talked to once and seems to be a pretty interesting guy trying to make a living online. So those are the first two and I am sure many are on the way.

Finally UC Irvine is in full swing and so far so good. I wasn't sure what to expect from the transformation from my two 1/2 years at Cal State San Bernardino, but so far so good, nothing seems all that different. I have gone to advising twice since starting and both times they have told me I need to wait until my next quarter to change majors, so here I am sitting and waiting. To get into UCI I had to put down I wanted to be a Studio Art major (Economics was not available), and thus I was accepted under that major and now I need to transfer into Business Economics the major that I want to be in, so there is some added pressure for me to do well this quarter.

Anyways besides that the World of Joel is just that, The World of Joel. Jenn and I are busy as always studying away and like I said stay tuned for it should be coming any day now, and I think most of you will be pretty impressed!

Joel S