Grading the Fall Premier’s

So a lot of the big Fall TV Premier's have already hit the tube, and the rest are coming next week so I figured I better give everyone a rundown on my grades for my favorite series first shows of this new season, and here they are:

Amazing Race: B
Good Teams, Interesting Locations, No Hippies.

Deal or No Deal: A-
A ton of money up for grabs, plus Howie getting even better at hosting.

Jericho: B+
Interesting new show definitely has promise.

The Office: C-
What is going on? Jim is gone to a new branch? Pam is no longer engaged? Joel not happy! Let's hope for a turn for the better.

Grey's Anatomy: B
The show ended with some amazing cliffhangers none of which seemed to be overly addressed. Still a good first episode back.

Still Waiting for: Gilmore Girls & Heroes.

Joel S