Pastry Chef Jenn & Joel: Apple Pie

Welcome to a new aptly titled "Pastry Chef Jenn & Joel" where we switch roles on who's chef and sous chef and we make desserts. Our first endeavor down this road was to make an Apple Pie. To do so we had to make a 60+ mile excursion to the beautiful Oakglen area in Yucaipa. 

Over a month ago we along with the entire Szerlip gang trekked up the hill to Reilly's Apple Farm. When we arrived we were all shocked at the sheer amount of people that made the same journey up the hill to pick apples. When we finally found parking and got to the park we grabbed a basket and began picking apples. By the time we got up there it was pretty well picked through but we were able to get about a dozen apples to bring home and enjoy both for the pie and on its own. 

After our brief time picking apples we made our way down the hill, had lunch at my parents favorite place (not sure why) Bob's Big Boy. It was "interesting" to say the least. From there we made our way back home to make our Apple Pie. 

The actual process of making an Apple Pie was a lot easier then I thought. The biggest part of the process was the prepping of the apples. We did about four apples to many of prep but at the end we had all of the ingredients necessary for a great apple pie. Jenn handled making the crust (not from scratch) while I got the brunt work. In a little under an hour we had the entire thing put together and in the oven. 

After dinner we both had our apple pie with some vanilla ice cream and it was outrageously good. It wasn't at the same level of the pie we had in Amsterdam (probably the first time I had Apple Pie in ten years) but it was insanely good. Neither Jenn or I are insanely in love with apple pie but we both destroyed our portions.