Lunch Review: Miyabi

I absolutely love working from home. I've been doing it more with the new job and I find that I'm not only more productive but I get to have lunch with Jenn. We usually try to find a place and meet in the middle. This most recent lunch escapade was to a shabu shabu restaurant called Miyabi. 

If you're wondering what Shabu Shabu is, here's the google definition: a Japanese dish of pieces of thinly sliced beef or pork cooked quickly with vegetables in boiling water and then dipped in sauce.

I actually turned Jenn onto Shabu Shabu in early 2015 when I took her to SWSH Shabu Shabu in Irvine. Since then she's been dragging her work colleagues to a couple different ones in Irvine. The setup is pretty simple. You pick your broth, meats, and noodles. They bring it out and you cook it. It makes for a very interactive and enjoyable meal. For our lunch at Miyabi we both went with their Shabu Shabu lunch special. Jenn went with the rare beef and I had the pork. Jenn had a spicy miso base and I went with their standard broth. 

For $12 a person it was a great value. Unlike many of the Shabu Shabu places we've been they were generous with the noodles, meat, and vegetables. The one mistake I made was going with a plain broth. Most of the time I choose like Jenn a flavor (she had spicy miso) but I was so indecisive I went with their plain broth. I had to use a lot of hot sauce to give some extra flavor. I also went with pork which is something I normally wouldn't do but it was fantastic. Both the beef and pork had an incredible amount of flavor and was extremely tender. 

I'm not the biggest Shabu Shabu fan but out of all the places we've been Miyabi is one of the best. I have a feeling that one of the next times I'm working from home this might be where you find Jenn and I for lunch.