Breakfast Review: Richard Walker's Pancake House

Over the last month or so Jenn and I have been staying at my grandma's condo in Downtown San Diego over the weekends. Why is a long story that I'm sure I'll get into at some point, but for now just roll with me. They've been great weekend getaways where we get to enjoy the beautiful Downtown San Diego near the marina and during those getaways we've been eating some pretty out of this world breakfasts.

Our first stop was Richard Walker's Pancake House. We actually went here twice and both times there was a line of at least twenty people waiting for a table. And yet both times we sat there and waited and had fantastic meals. I'm not sure if the place got popular due to its extremely high Yelp reviews, or its proximity to the Marina and Convention Center. Regardless this place has a huge buzz around it. 

I'll only talk about our first time at Richard Walker's Pancake House which is when we both went big for breakfast. Jenn got a glass of fresh squeezed Orange Juice and I had a cup of coffee which was really good. I had their incredible Eggs Benedict and Jenn relived her youth with chocolate chip pancakes. It was quite the feast. What was nice too was we had a great seat overlooking the street which made for ample people watching. The food was great. I absolutely loved my meal, and Jenn had a chocolate mess on her hands but she loved every second of it. 

We made our way after breakfast and walked the nearby convention center area and marina before heading out. The food at Richard Walker's Pancake House