Dinner Review: Krave Kobe Burger Grill

Along with cooking new dishes Jenn and I want to start trying new places to eat. We love our staples like Chipotle, Champagnes, El Ranchito and the like. But its time to branch out and expand our palette. Will we be successful in that endeavor? I have no idea but its absolutely worth a shot. After going to our normal 5PM service at Mariners Church we went up Newport Coast Dr to a new burger restaurant called Krave Kobe Burger Grill. 

It's what Jenn classifies a fast casual. You wait in line, order your food, and they come bring it to you. Like a Panera Bread. We both had the Kobe Burgers. Jenn got hers plain meat and bun and I had it with everything but tomatoes. Jenn got a side of regular fries and I had their sweet potato fries. The burgers were pretty good. I didn't notice a big "Kobe" difference. But for the price of $8 I didn't expect a big difference. It was a really good quality burger for the price. The fries were pretty good. I think the sweet potato were middle of the road but their regular fries were in the upper ranks. All in quality wise we enjoyed what we got. 

Our meal for two burgers and two fries came out to $23 which seemed a little steep for what we got. For maybe $5-$10 more we could have gone to The Counter and gotten a much juicier burger. With that being said Krave is in a weird spot between fast food and restaurants. I'm not sure we will be frequent guests of Krave Kobe Burger Grill but we at least enjoyed our meal. I wouldn't be surprised to see them add more options to their burgers and expand our their offerings. For now I think its a good place for a good burger but nothing is saying we need to go back anytime soon.