2015 Reading Challenge: Completed My Goal of Reading 27 Books

I'm extremely proud to say that this is the fourth straight year that I've set a reading goal on Goodreads.com and hit my goal. I started out in 2012 with a goal of 20, in 2013 I had a goal of 25, 2014 of 26, and this year I had the goal of reading 27 books. No easy feat. 

Like last year I reviewed every book I read. It was such a nice cathartic way to feel closure with each book I read before moving on to the next one. I had the routine down to post my review on Goodreads, Audible and here on the blog. What's really neat is that Goodreads also put together a nice year-in-review graphic showing some interesting stats for my year of reading. 

The other change I made to my reading in 2015 was to develop a plan. In years past I would take hours, days, if not weeks deciding what my next book was. In 2015 I would lay out the next five books to read before diving in. This helped my indecisive nature and made me have milestones to make sure I stayed on track to meet my 27 book target.