Finished Another Book, The Broker

Before I read The Kite Runner a week or two back I hadn't even thought about reading, I just never thought time would allow it. But then I heard about Audible, thought I would give it a shot, and was amazed with how much I enjoyed my read through of The Kite Runner. For those that don't know I make an hour plus commute to Irvine everyday, and some days you need something to help get you through it. Jenn and I drive together for two of the days, and we drive separate (due to work schedules) on the other days. So the days I am not with Jenn I have been starting to listen to audio books. Choosing a second book was really a tough process, I know very little about authors, or even my taste in books, and after such a great run with Kite Runner I wasn't sure where to go. So I decided to go with a name that I was at least familiar with, John Grisham, and I bought his book from a few years ago, The Broker.

The Broker by John Grisham

I found out later that this was one of Grisham's few ventures outside of the courtroom. The book was mostly set in Italy, a country I fell in love with a year ago, and it seems as though Grisham did as well. The way in which the book describes the country is so accurate, and in many ways can be a terrible book to read when your hungry with all of its descriptions of four course meals and a nice glass of wine. It was a bit slow, there was so much build up that the final climax that it did fall a bit flatter then I thought. I read the book in a week's time (I drove a lot in the past week) it was a ten hour book and you figure 2+ hours a day of driving and you can see how I can get through a book pretty quickly. If you haven't read it and want to hear about Italy, and a decent thriller its a good book, but from all the praise I have heard given to Grisham I was expecting a bit more.

Most Memorable Part: There was a time in the book where the main character Joel (can you see why I chose the book) is in Italy learning Italian from his tutor, and his tutor talks about her one experience in America. She says something along the lines of that she never understood America, it seemed like everyone is going everywhere so fast, and in fact they really aren't going anywhere. You can't get a more accurate interpretation of American lifestyle.